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Live A Life Filled With Joy and Good Memories even if you are in unbelievable pain right now.

Chief Confidence Builder

I wouldn’t say I am an expert in supporting you through grief and loss but the hundreds of persons who have struggled with healing from loss through death, divorce, betrayal or abuse that I have helped go from feeling depressed, panicked and desperate to living a life of joy and freedom from heartbreak, would no doubt disagree.

It’s just one of the benefits of helping so many people beat struggling to overcome loss after they have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months and even in some cases years looking for a solution.

But this wasn’t always me. Before I threw myself into the world of supporting you through grief and loss I was Vice President of Higher Education and it took many sleepless nights …..a tonne of courage and lots of blood, sweat and tears (some of them were even mine) to convince me to let go of that job and follow my passion to where I am today.

So, that is why they call me expert…and I’m incredibly proud of it, and of them.


I’m Dr. H

And I teach people going through the pain of grief and loss how to heal their mind and body, come to terms with death and move on with their life in a happy, healthy way.

A life coach, certified Rapid Transformational Therapist ©RTT, motivational speaker, educator, retreat leader, change agent and community developer, I help professionals who are grieving because of death, loss, abuse or suicidal ideation by holding you safely and carefully as you work through the issues surrounding your pain.

 Dr. Sandra Hamilton aka Dr. H, earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, her Masters in Gender and Development as well as Public Administration from the University of the West indies, Mona and her Bachelors in Human Ecology from the University of Technology..

 She trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy with Marisa Peer.


What I Do

Online Course

Life is Just for Living: Healing From Death, Trauma and Loss

Do you want to live and enjoy the rest of your life guilt free? Give me 3 weeks and I’ll show you how to release painful memories associated with the loss without having to pray, get over it, grow up, talk to your pastor or avoid your neighbors!

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy is THE system that makes you feel more confident, free and powerful

It erases years of childhood/historical dysfunction from your life and allows you to release years of baggage. You end up feeling empowered, free … And you most definitely realize your unique brilliance

Love Notes

You know what I love? When clients share their successes with me. 

Here are a few Real Life CLIENT success stories and love notes. And I have so many of them,

like really! It warms my heart Every. Single. Time.

 And NO, I did not pay these people to say all these nice things about Healing from Death, Trauma and Loss

I could spend all day sharing their gems and insights with you but I will save you

and your newsfeed from that and just share a few….for now. I cannot promise not to get carried away!

A true and genuine healer

Dr. Sandra Hamilton brings out the best of someone through her speeches, through the Rapid Transformational Therapy she applies and she can be a mentor and the go to therapist for everything someone wants to fix. I have to say she really helped me a lot, she really transformed me I owe her a lot and I totally recommend her as your healer through RTT. She is a real professional and has a heart of gold, she is really my healer and you’ll be amazed to find out how gifted she is in every aspect! Thank you Dr. H. God’s blessings upon you.


I was ANGRY and HATED my father.

By the age of 16, I had run away from home 3 times. In my grade 9 Guidance class, I found out that my home life was not normal. We were learning about molestation…..mine had started so long ago…..but I didn’t know that is what it was. The new knowledge took a toll on not only my mind but my body also.

I became frustrated and promiscuous. I wanted to stop but could not help myself.

I met Dr, H when I was 23 years old. She not only listens but believes in me. She puts you in a space where she feels what you feel so she gets to pull out that hurt that you, you don’t feel uncomfortable. She made me feel special and fitted me in whenever and wherever she could. The sessions took me from a place of anger and hatred to a place of peace and self-confidence.

Now I’ve made peace with my father, AND, more importantly, with myself. It’s actually kinda hard to explain but I must say I never regretted working with her a all and I’m sure you won’t.

Thank you Dr. Hamilton. I no longer am ashamed of myself. In fact I am so proud of myself. It’s impossible to explain what you’ve done for me. I feel powerful and bodacious! I never knew I could feel this way.

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️


Louana B

I lost my father last year

He was too young to die. I am too young to be an orphan. People kept on telling me to get over it. But how can I? We shared the same birthday. It is so hard.

Dr. Hamilton helped me to release from my mind the negative things that people were saying. She made me understand that I was not sick or strange and that my ongoing grief was really a reflection of my love. Now I feel stronger and I am stepping boldly into my future.

Love you Dad 😊

Danny S.

My son died needlessly in hospital three years ago

His birthday, holidays are so hard. I cry each time I see a child who is his age. No one understand the pain that losing a child brings. How can I go on? Sometimes, I don’t want to live. He was my all.

Dr. H has been there for me so many times. On the anniversary of his death, on his birthday. I called and she answered. She is just a constant, close presence when I need it.

She has gifted me meditations that help me sleep. Sometimes the pain is so intense and at those times I hear her in my head reminding me that I am in control… I follow her instruction and focus on my breathing until the vise around my heart releases and I feel able to move again.

Now I am able to laugh again. I have fun. I’ve taken up race car driving. I am actually living instead of moving around in a shell.

Dr. H is the best thing that has happened to me since my son’s death. Calm, available, understanding.

N. Gooden

My best friend and confidant was killed in a murder/suicide

I felt broken, anger and guilty. How could I not have seen what she was going through?

Dr. H helped me to realize that it was not my fault. There was nothing that I could have done.

Now I am in a better place. I can see her family without the anger I was carrying for them. I did my best and being her friend was the greatest gift I could have given her. I’ve moved on now. I still catch glimpses of her smile. I still feel pain. But overall, that dark, heavy cloud that was over me has lifted.

Thank you that I can breathe without feeling stifled. Thank you that I can stop wondering if my partner will do the same to me.

Thank you that I feel Alive.

It’s not my fault – this anger that I feel

Thanks to Dr. H, I was able to cut off the unwanted people in my life and know that I am not alone. That I could still make it without them. …And I have 😊. Thank Dr. Hamilton

L. Nelson

It seems simple

but learning/understanding that death is a must and I have no control over it was a release in and of itself. I also learnt that it is ok to have all the sad feelings that comes with losing someone. This was powerful for me.

Family dynamics around death can be a B*&%h. Through Dr. Hamilton’s tutelage, I have learnt how to navigate these shark infested waters. I now look at myself and my own reactions to people and then make a “one degree shift” to where and who I want to be.

That one degree shift seems miniscule but trust me Dr. H, it is really powerful.


The relationship between me and my siblings is not the way I would love for it to be. Especially with one of my sister. Right now we do not talk to each other, and even though I am not at fault it hurts me really bad even now than ever. When this is compounded with the need for us as a family to come together and take care of our mother and the others are not pulling their weight, I was feeling resentful.

Dr. Hamilton, your workshop let me know that I am not alone in this struggle. You gave me hope. And yes, I have made the time to take care of myself. Thank you.

Sandrea M.

Self love

Who would have thought that the best way to cope with death would be to heal the relationship with self? Eye-opening! So now I am on a trek to be self-centred… Because the healing is about me and not anyone else.

Lewis S.

Audio Love Notes


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