The Confidence Builder Retreats are so much more than just a vacation in the mountains or on the beach, they are a refuge for healing and restoration. They are transformational.

     The Confidence Builder Retreats are full-service, all-inclusive transformational retreats for the spirit, mind and body. Located in the cultural jewel of the Caribbean, Jamaica, retreats are held in various parts of the island, whether atop the protected areas of the Blue and John Crow mountain range or nestled in the golden shores of the laid back south coast communities, Dr. H, The Confidence Builder offers customized retreats for individuals or groups to experience life in harmony with nature.

     Some of the advantages of the retreats are: Organic, local, seasonal food; Organic, locally sourced herbs and teas to aid in detoxification of your body; Peaceful walks in nature picking fruits, vegetables and herbs; Sipping local grown organic teas, hot chocolate or coffee while you gaze at the unobstructed view of the stars at night; meditating in beautiful, grounded natural settings, getting time away from the noise, busyness and confusion of daily life, connecting with your soul and allowing your mind to heal.

     At Confidence Builder Retreats we are here to serve you, to keep you safe, to help you open up and discover your innate beauty, strength and confidence.

Am I The One For You?


Retreat Charges include:

Deposit USD $40

Full Price USD $78


A place and chance to relax

Total acceptance

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Stress release tools

Self confidence

Qi-gong breathing exercises

Mental strength and tenacity



Interactive Workshops

Freedom Through Forgiveness

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