Are you one of those people saying, ‘the best is yet to come’ or are you just waiting, dying in fact for good things to happen in your life?


Ok then, what is your attitude surrounding this? Are you waiting for the best things to happen or are you going out there and making it happen?

If you’re waiting for good things to happen in your life, let’s look at how the decision to wait affects you. What is happening in your life while you are waiting for those ‘good things’?

If you are feeling bored or like your life is feeling listless, dull, and monotonous, it’s time to stop waiting for things to happen and start making them happen.

Why are you waiting?

For the children to out of school?

For my partner to get a promotion?

For my partner to give me permission?

For retirement?

To save enough money?

Or the unspoken one?

Because I am afraid?

Whereas waiting for may seem safe and logical, can I challenge you to make an intentional decision to Make it Happen?

What is that hidden dream that you’ve had in your soul for sooo long? It could be as simple as riding dolphins or hiking up a mountain. It may be to go back to school or to learn a musical instrument. It could be to paint or build your own business. It could be to explore the world 🙂

Yet you’ve been told you are silly, to act grown up, be sensible. But suppose for once, instead of pursuing someone else’s dreams, you allowed yourself to go wild and step into your own dream? What would happen?

What are the dangers of waiting for things to happen in your life?

So right now you are playing it safe and not taking the risk. Can I tell you that this behavior poses a number of other threats to your long-term wellbeing? This is what is happening to you:

  1. You’ll grow older and realize that you wasted a lot of valuable time.

If you aren’t making things happen in your life, there’s a good chance that not much is happening to you at all–good or bad. If you choose to live life on the safe side by not making things happen for yourself, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll grow older and realize you wasted a lot of your life. Instead of taking chances and advancing yourself closer to goals, you’ll realize that you only advanced in age.

2. You allow other people to take advantage of your time.

If you aren’t spending your time making things happen in your own life, there’s a fair chance that others might be taking advantage of your time. While it’s great to help friends and family advance in their own goals, remember that you also deserve to have good things happen in your life, too!

Psychology Today explains that a top reason why so many folks allow their lives to feel like they’re “passing by” in front of them is because they invest a lot of time and energy into others’ successes. It’s fine to help others, but make sure you’re also making time for yourself.

3. You allow mental blocks to become stronger.

If you allow yourself to be content with waiting for things to happen, you’re feeding into any mental blocks you have about making advances in your life.

For example, if you have a fear of failure, you may be tempted to stay away from serious decision making. Unfortunately, while this seems like the easy way to handle the situation, it can make everything worse. The more you allow yourself to let your mental blocks stay in place, the longer you allow yourself to be held back from making things happen.

So what’s it going to be? What do you want to happen in your life? Let’s go for it!

Hit comment and share your one top dream that you have placed on hold.




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