What is your dream? Or as one person told me at a workshop I lead the other day, “I DO NOT DREAM.” She said it as if dreaming was for losers.


But we all dream, consciously or unconsciously, we all dream. In the same way, we all make a decision whether to follow those dreams, put them on the back burner or cancel them altogether.


May I ask you, “Why haven’t you followed your dreams?”


In order to achieve your dream, you’ll have to create a plan to move the needle from sleep to fully engaged. But even as you try to move, thoughts arise like, “How am I going to get it done when I am so busy?” or “I am not talented enough to achieve my dream.” What about, “I don’t deserve my dream?” And an even more subtle dream killer is, “After I do X then I will pursue my dream.” That’s not going to happen. Either X never gets done, gets prolonged or is followed by Y and then Z and then you go back to the beginning of the alphabet.


Do you ever have the thought, “I’m not good enough?”


My question to you is, how do you measure that? Who or what is your measuring stick? Is it realistic? What objective evidence do you have that they are doing better than you are or have it easier than you do? ‘Cause I know that you are not in their brain.


You’d probably be surprised to know that your measuring stick has self doubts too. (By the way, I hope what you’re seeing on social media is not the measure. If it is, you and I need to have a serious talk)


Everyone has dreams. May I invite you to take those dreams out of sleep mode, take them out of brain and put them on paper. Physically write them out. Be as graphic as you can.


In addition to writing the dreams out, think really deeply about:

  1. How do you want to feel when you achieve the dream?
  2. How will you feel as you’re on the journey towards the dream? Be real! There will be frustration; there will be obstacles in your path.
  3. What does your dream taste like?
  4. What does your dream smell like?
  5. What will it enable you to do that you can’t do right now?
  6. What opportunities will your dream create for yourself and for others?


Why wait? Begin to live your dreams today!



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