Discover the path to inner peace, confidence, and resilience by embarking on a transformative journey of healing

Uncover the secret to inner peace and resilience by  harnessing the confidence to heal.

I will take you from:

being energetic and enthusiastic but also sick and in pain; feeling lost and neglected, feeling confused, suffering, unhappy and seeking inner peace.


forging your own path, embracing the freedom of accepting youself; discovering your individuality and expressing yourself authentically and finally being confident enough to stand on your own, peaceful and happy. 

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

My name is Dr. Sandra Hamilton,  The Confidence Builder

 …and I am so pleased to meet you.

Embracing challenges and striving to break free of our comfort zone gives our mind and body permission to search for and unlock true happiness and fulfillment. 

Girl smiling and confident having overcome sexual trauma
Girl smiling and confident having overcome sexual trauma
Girl smiling and confident having overcome sexual trauma

We Are Right For Each Other If:

You want to be resilient and able to bounce back easily and dare to take the risk to grow

You are ready to break through limiting beliefs and materialize your vision

You are willing to dream and envision the journey to healing and finding inner peace

You want to FINALLY experience a complete transformation of your identity and embrace the liberating feeling of being truly confident in your own body. 

By conquering the scars of abuse and trauma, and embarking on the path of self-discovery, we empower ourselves to fly free; unencumbered by our past.

What Do You Get From Dr. H

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Whether you’re looking to overcome fears, build resilience, find inner peace, improve relationships, or boost self-confidence, RTT can help you break free from limitations and create a life you truly desire.

By blending the best elements of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and neuro-linguistic programming, RTT dives deep into the subconscious mind to uncover and resolve underlying issues.

Online Courses

Escape the suffocating grip of grief, stagnation, and fear. Embrace a life of inner peace and independence.

You gain profound personal insights, make connections between your head, heart and current behaviours and patterns in your life.

Prepare to fast forward to a place where your authentic truth awaits – the one you’ve been tirelessly seeking.

Retreats And Workshops

Creating Bespoke workshops and seminars that deliver transformational changes to your staff .

Step into an experiential space that holds the key to unlocking your true potential. These spaces are carefully crafted to guide your spirit, mind, and body towards resolution of inner conflicts – finding inner peace, while simultaneously reflecting the captivating beauty that the world sees in you.

Books And Journals

Introducing our collection of empowerment journals and eBooks designed specifically for survivors of hurt and abuse, just like you.

These aren’t your ordinary journals; they’re powerful tools crafted to guide you through the process of healing, one page at a time.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on overcoming trauma, building resilience, or fostering self-love, we’ve got you covered.

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