My 37-year journey through the personal development industry has allowed me to help people to develop self-esteem and confidence as guiding them on the path that is right for them. For the past ten years, I’ve been more focused on healing people at various emotional, physical and intellectual levels.

I studied with Marisa Peer, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, MASHAV, University of the West Indies and University of Technology.

Nerdy stuff

I have certificates in Rapid Transformational Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Spiritual Direction; a Doctorate in Education and Leadership, Masters in Gender and Development, Bachelors in Nutrition Education and several other papers including Suicide Counselling, Public Administration, Public Relations, and Anthropology.

Beyond the academics

I would describe myself as an artist, nature lover, hiker, drummer, youth worker and a spiritual being. On my journey, I have been exposed to and have come to understand the challenges faced by persons in many ways through my work in the fields of hospitality, social work, education and counselling including those persons who have been abused, raped, and have contemplated suicide.

The healing

After being moved by the painful stories of many people, I unearthed a way to support them, helping them to uncover the underlying issues that caused their life challenges and recover their sense of self, pride and confidence. I have been blessed and honoured to work with and to witness clients release pain and fear, and grow in confidence, independence, mindfulness, self-love and self-esteem.

Let’s work together to create the life you want. It is all about you – your life, your work, your relationships. Are you ready?