Would you love to have the courage to break free of your limitations; Go sailing high in the air or go kayaking down the rapids?

I’m Dr H,

And I was born to explore the world….to challenge the boundaries set by society for a girl born in the 60’s.

In my quest to explore the world, at 2 years old I swallowed arsenic left in the pasture for the cows.

…they had to pump my stomach and they were  sure I wouldn’t make it…

but I did!

And then there was the time when I wanted to die.

When I contemplated every way of taking my own life. But, here’s the catch…I really don’t like pain and there is no way to go painlessly so…

I figured that if I put the same amount of energy into figuring out how to get over the feeling of shame and embarrassment I could make my life count.

I could really do what I came into the world to do:

To give people hope,

To help them make their tomorrows brighter than yesterday had been,

To help them birth or realize that dream.


You see, I was raped as a teenager and that incident turned my life upside down. I know only too well the feeling of being dirty – constantly washing and never feeling clean…

Of being afraid

  • Giving in because I never wanted it to happen again
  • Saying yes when I really wanted to scream out NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  • Sabotaging my own chances of success….
  • Yep. /there are so many emotions that run through us when we have been violated.

Nobody really understands.

And yet, here I am. 30+ years later, giving back.

Helping women who used to be me.


My journey through pain and shame and not being believed, through self doubt and sabotage is what gives me the ability to understand and transmute your pain and strength to support you as you claim your own space in the world.

I believe

In the power of dreams

I believe that if you dare – even once – if you dare to dream of being truly free – however you define it – then it can happen for you

I believe that you can heal

The Dream

I want to live in a world where I feel safe.

Where diversity is respected and accepted

Where the desire to change and challenge does not result in punishment

Where you can speak your truth respectfully

Where you are not made to feel shame and guilt because you were abused

Where it is ok to seek transformation

Where a person admitting to being abused and to seeking help does not lead to more shame and stigmatization 

Where being different is OK

Where we all are safe

I promise to:

Hold you safe while you explore and overcome your fears, because You Can Create A New Vision For Your Life.

You have unlimited possibilities to transform.

Living The Dream

Featured on television and radio, being consultant to several institutions, receiving awards from the Jamaican government and several community groups, I am living out my dreams of travelling the world, working when I want to and yet, and most importantly…. Being able to hold you safe as I remind you that you are precious, that you are made of gold and that you have the potential within you to change… to be what you want to be… to let go of the pain and to live free. 

So, what about you? Will you come with me and explore your dreams?

Are you willing to carve out your own path?

Who are my clients? I have been privileged to journey with a few companies as they challenged themselves to get out of their comfort zone and experience new, life-changing possibilities.

  • Y’s Men International
  • Rotary International
  • National Association Deans of Discipline.
  • Bethlehem Teachers’ College
  • Ferncourt High School
  • Northern Caribbean University
  • Mothers’ Union: St Marks Anglican Church
  • Mount Alvernia High School
  • Immaculate High School
  • St Georges Primary School
  • Jamaica Teachers Association
  • Church Teacher’s College Early Childhood Demonstration School
  • Bethabara Primary School
  • Frome Technical High School 
  • Jamaica Teacher’s Association  
  • Jamaica Lay Magistrates Association  
  • Optimist Club
  • Kiwanis Club
    ….and more
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