The healing

Once upon a time there was beautiful baby girl born to two wonderful parents in the heart of Manchester. She grew up in a loving family with three brothers and two sisters. Baby Sandra was curious about everything. She loved to learn, to question, to delve into the deeper depths of meanings and feelings. From an early age she studied with men of wisdom from India, Belize and Jamaica who had seen, experienced and walked with those in pain. They had a deep evolved compassion that encompassed their entire being. Their aura radiated the colours of light, peace, passion and energy – reds, yellows and blues.


As this wonderful baby grew up, she decided to take the spiritual path and walked with the poor and dispossessed in their pain giving them hope faith and what joy she could bring. Sandra dreamed of doing more, of being more. She decided to join a group of women whose purpose was to bring healing and education to the poorest of the poor, who strove for justice and had a mission of peace. But the evil of the world intervened in her dream.

While visiting a friend Sandra was lifted from the sofa on which she slept and brutally raped.

Golden, sexy, confident outspoken Sandra drew into her shell. She gained weight; she stopped doing the things she enjoyed – dancing, singing, modelling, and acting. She began to hate men. She became so small and bitter inside that it was hard to find the beautiful girl who had been the life of the party. But as she came more and more into contact with other women and girls who had been raped and boys men who had been raped and abused, her heart discovered there was another calling to help and heal.

Sandra has once again set her feet on the spiritual path but this time she brings more than just joy. Now she walks with a healing touch. Now as she speaks words of hope she whispers that you are enough. Now, she walks with the light, showing others the path to self-discovery. Now, once again as a confident professional, Sandra has earned certifications in Rapid Transformational Therapy, Life Coaching, Spiritual Direction and degrees in Education, Leadership, Nutrition, and Gender and Development.

Sandra travels the world helping people remember their own innate beauty. She holds a safe space and place for you to rest from your long and torturous journey. She holds a place in her heart to welcome you and help you. Sandra helps you to release the pain, the tension and the fear. She helps you to re-create the tapestry of your life and weave in golden threads, overlaying the darkness that is present with the light that you are. Sandra helps you find, contain and then expand the healing energy to replace fear, low self esteem and lack of confidence.

She brings you to a recognition of the phenomenal person that you are; that you are more than enough. You become a conqueror, self confident in your knowledge, comfortable in your beautiful presence knowing that it is possible to feel safe and confident and free.

Sandra wishes to help you live your dream too!

Let us uncover the reasons why you feel worthless, like garbage, like an insect, not worthy of life. Let us look at why you confidence is so low. Why do life challenges cause you such extraordinary pin? What about love?

I would be honoured to help you recover your sense of self, pride and confidence.

  • Are you ready to release pain and fear?
  • Are you ready to grow in confidence, independence and self esteem?

Let’s work together to create the life you want. It is all about you – your life, your work, your relationships. Are you ready?

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Nerdy stuff

I am a certificated Rapid Transformational Therapist, Hypnotherapist, and Spiritual Director. I am also an Educator and  Suicide Counsellor.

Beyond the academics

I would describe myself as an artist, nature lover, hiker, drummer, youth worker and a spiritual being. My life has led me through rape, contemplating suicide, abuse, losing use of 75% of muscles right side and condemed to a wheel chair. I know what it means to be be assumed dead and of no use. I have found the joy of being truly alive!  Now I choose to help creatives who are being or have been abused to stop spiralling, get out of that dark place and enjoy each moment of life.

With  37-years of helping people move from pain and self-doubt to confident, sucessful professionals, I am focused on providing healing  at the soul’s core – the emotional level. I want for you to feel free, refreshed, powerful and confident.

Marisa Peer, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, MASHAV, University of the West Indies and University of Technology are the insitutions that help lay the foundation for the work that I do today. I am so grateful for the challenges and the lessons they have taught me.