The healing

Let us uncover the reasons why you feel worthless, like garbage, like an insect, not worthy of life. Let us look at why you confidence is so low. Why do life challenges cause you such extraordinary pin? What about love?

I would be honoured to help you recover your sense of self, pride and confidence.

  • Are you ready to release pain and fear?
  • Are you ready to grow in confidence, independence and self esteem?

Let’s work together to create the life you want. It is all about you – your life, your work, your relationships. Are you ready?

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Nerdy stuff

I am a certificated Rapid Transformational Therapist, Hypnotherapist, and Spiritual Director. I am also an Educator and  Suicide Counsellor.

Beyond the academics

I would describe myself as an artist, nature lover, hiker, drummer, youth worker and a spiritual being. My life has led me through rape, contemplating suicide, abuse, losing use of 75% of muscles right side and condemed to a wheel chair. I know what it means to be be assumed dead and of no use. I have found the joy of being truly alive!  Now I choose to help creatives who are being or have been abused to stop spiralling, get out of that dark place and enjoy each moment of life.

With  37-years of helping people move from pain and self-doubt to confident, sucessful professionals, I am focused on providing healing  at the soul’s core – the emotional level. I want for you to feel free, refreshed, powerful and confident.

Marisa Peer, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, MASHAV, University of the West Indies and University of Technology are the insitutions that help lay the foundation for the work that I do today. I am so grateful for the challenges and the lessons they have taught me.