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Welcome to my musings, where I speak on topics very close to my heart. So grab a cup of tea, your favorite blanket and find that special spot in on your most comfortable chair and enjoy smile

Self-Sabotage and Me: 5 Tips for Keeping on Track

Those of us who have been subjected to sexual trauma often struggle with self-sabotage. It is insidious. It is silent. We are not even aware that we are sabotaging ourselves. We want to be productive. We want to get ahead. We study all kinds of courses. We qualify, in...

Get It Done: 3 Steps to Finish What You Start

If you’re anything like me, you often think of grandiose projects that seem so simple to do and end so beautifully – in your mind. But, once you start the project, you discover all the challenges and obstacles that you never envisaged along the way. Here are a few...

5 Beliefs That Keep You from Fulfilling Your Dreams

What is your dream? Or as one person told me at a workshop I lead the other day, “I DO NOT DREAM.” She said it as if dreaming was for losers.   But we all dream, consciously or unconsciously, we all dream. In the same way, we all make a decision whether to follow...
Don’t Give Up

Don’t Give Up

Koffee, the young Jamaican singer, says “Blessing fall by my right hand” and goes on to enunciate some of her struggles while acknowledging that she...

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