One of the side effects, if it can be called that, of sexual abuse – especially rape, is a questioning of self worth, is a feeling of being dirty.

I would like to invite us to take a minute and look at this. How has this physical violation of your body affected how you think and act? Have you changed the way you dress or the colours that you wear?

                      Subconsciously, something has changed.

Many of us find the act so traumatizing, so mentally devastating, that we contemplate ridding the world of our presence.

But why should we do that? We were not the ones at fault. No matter what anyone says. We as women, as men, should be free to dress any way we please; go anywhere we please and not feel responsible for the behavior of another.

We know that.

But after being raped…     all of that changes.

We question, question, question.

We blame ourselves.

Think of it this way, maybe you are being called to step up in this world, you are being called to be strong. You are being called to create a new world for yourself. One in which you have the power. You make conscious decisions. You choose to be gentle and show the world that there is a better way of living.

Today, love yourself a little more. Tell yourself that you love you! Realize that you are still here because your work in and for this world is not finished. By working through this horrific violation of your body prove to yourself that you deserve to be Fully, Truly ALIVE.

P. S. If you are struggling with the effects of sexual abuse or rape, if you have suicidal ideation, please seek professional help. There are many people who are empathetic and more than willing to help you overcome. Reach out to Dr Sandra Hamilton by email or WhatsApp +1(876)849-7067

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