Coping With Death And Loss

How to release painful memories associated with the loss in as little as 21 days even if you have been carrying around this pain and grief for so long that doesn’t seem like it can move.

True or false?

• You are Free-spirited and happy
• You believe that happiness and being alive are only for a selected few
• You like to spend your days bitching, moaning and complaining about how unfair life is.

If you answered TRUE, then it’s best we part ways now. Because “Life Is Just For Living” is not for you.

But, if you answered FALSE and you are a committed woman determined to create  a better life for yourself and those around you and you want to finally stop listening to all the useless advice about getting over it and actually listen to someone who knows what works and get RESULTS
Then you are in the right place at JUST the right time.
Go you!

I hear you and you don’t have to be in this situation!

Give me 3 weeks and I’ll give you practical tools for coping with death and loss and show you how to release painful memories associated with the loss without having to pray, get over it, grow up, or talk to your pastor.

Hi I am Dr. H

When I was little what I wanted most in the world was to feel special; to feel like the whole universe revolved around me. But as I got older I discovered – this isn’t so…. And then when we lose the one who made us feel extraordinarily special, well….

So today I am here to make YOU feel like THE most special person to ever walk the face of the internet.

I am releasing my latest creation and you are the first to know about it!
Life Is Just For Living: Coping with Loss, Grief and Death is THE ONLY system that Gives you emotional freedom from your pain and proves to you that life is worth living again.

You Get:

  • A Practical – Hands On course without all the scripture passages!
  • Activities that you can implement immediately
  • The skills to Identify and Release where the grief and pain resides in your body

Here is why I am doing this:
Because I believe someone as special as you should have access to something as special as this…it’s a match made in heaven

Introducing The Life Is Just For Living Online Course

Healing From – Death, Trauma and Loss

Do you want to live and enjoy the rest of your life guilt free? Do you feel like someone is banging you over the head with a hammer? Are people shunning you or making you feel worse about your loss by telling you to “Man up”, “Grow up” or “Just get over it already”? This Life Is Just For Living course is a 21 days practical hands on course that will show you how to release painful memories associated with the loss without having to pray, get over it, grow up, talk to your pastor or avoid your neighbors! After doing this course you will step into life fully: acknowledging the pain, begin coping with death and loss and understanding your emotions and your own healing process. 



Module 1 - Identifying and dealing with emotions after loss

Identifying & dealing with emotions felt after loss, death and grief cannot be compartmentalized. Each person will feel death differently. Your healing process is unique. Nope! We can’t tell if it will take 3 months, 6 months, 3 years… There’s no set time frame for you to mourn your loved one. Mourning is a process, not an event. Coping with death and loss takes time.

Module 2 - When its darkest we see the stars

When its darkest we see the stars, grief can come in waves. It can appear suddenly in times of peace and quiet and you become overwhelmed with emotion. We will look at techniques to help you find joy when the times are rough.

Module 3 - Myths and healing

There are so many stories around how you should grieve, what you should wear, what you should do, How you should feel….so many people want to see you ….stop loving you. But you won’t. You are here. Now. Coping with death and loss is something you do at your own pace in your own way.

Bonus 1 - Living Through The Pandemic

This pandemic has caused so many structures to break down. This means that you have an unprecedented opportunity to rise up! So let’s develop the knack for noticing what no longer has a purpose in your life and eliminate it. Stop criticizing so much and declutter your mind and your environment.


Bonus 2 - Setting Boundaries

Boundary lines indicate where you will NOT allow others to cross. When you permit yourself to set boundaries for others, it creates a healthy respect for you. Boundaries protect you from losing yourself to needy friends, a toxic workplace and family who want and want and want until your life force feels drained. After coping with death and loss you don’t need anyone draining your energy.

What People Are Saying

I lost my father last year

He was too young to die. I am too young to be an orphan. People kept on telling me to get over it. But how can I? We shared the same birthday. It is so hard.

Dr. Hamilton helped me to release from my mind the negative things that people were saying. She made me understand that I was not sick or strange and that my ongoing grief was really a reflection of my love. Now I feel stronger and I am stepping boldly into my future.

Love you Dad 😊


Danny S.

It seems simple

but learning/understanding that death is a must and I have no control over it was a release in and of itself. I also learnt that it is ok to have all the sad feelings that comes with losing someone. This was powerful for me.

Family dynamics around death can be a B*&%h. Through Dr. Hamilton’s tutelage, I have learnt how to navigate these shark infested waters. I now look at myself and my own reactions to people and then make a “one degree shift” to where and who I want to be.

That one degree shift seems miniscule but trust me Dr. H, it is really powerful.



My best friend and confidant was killed in a murder/suicide

I felt broken, anger and guilty. How could I not have seen what she was going through? Dr. H helped me to realize that it was not my fault. There was nothing that I could have done.

Now I am in a better place. I can see her family without the anger I was carrying for them. I did my best and being her friend was the greatest gift I could have given her. I’ve moved on now. I still catch glimpses of her smile. I still feel pain. But overall, that dark, heavy cloud that was over me has lifted. Thank you that I can breathe without feeling stifled. Thank you that I can stop wondering if my partner will do the same to me.

Thank you that I feel Alive.

Eugene S

“By the time you’ve completed the Life Is Just For Living: Death, Trauma and Loss  Course, you will be guilt free and at peace  .”

Sandra Hamilton, Creator of the Life Is Just For Living Online Course

This All Sounds Great But…

How does this course help me to stop feeling alone?

I feel your pain. But being alone is not a bad thing. In fact, being alone gives you a chance to reflect and clarify what exactly you want from life. Is it that you are alone or that you are lonely?
This course will provide a community of support for you so that you know that you are not alone. Grief affects all of us in one way or another. Also, the course can be touchstone for you when you are feeling low.
P.S. If you want help in gaining clarity go here for a free Clarity guide

Will I need extra counselling with this course?

Life Is Just For Living: Healing from Death…..
Is not counselling. Rather, it offers you support as you reflect on the issues in your life that are stopping you from moving forward. Life Is Just for Living will provide practical steps to find the real source of your grief and help you to heal.
For one on one counselling make an appointment here → Consultation

It is has been years since my loved one's death. Will this course help me to feel better?

Yes, it will. You need to take each day as it comes. We will start by doing little things to build your self-confidence and give you a sense of hope. Coping with death and loss is difficult. You deserve much more than this ache and pain. It will get better.

How can I live without my partner? I can't go on." Will this course help me move on?

I know your ache and pain. But YES, you can move on. The only person whom you can’t live without is you. Coping with death and loss is hard.
It’s hard to let go of someone you really love, but it’s necessary and sometimes you’ll find it was the correct thing to do, to keep on moving.

Will I have to keep doing this course long term ?

Losing a relationship can feel like a mini-death. First, you’re shocked and in denial. You don’t believe it’s over and you hold out hope. Next, you feel hurt and guilt. You should have done things differently. If you did, you wouldn’t be in this pain. Eventually, you start accepting what happened and start shifting your focus from the past to the future. This course helps you to go through the feelings as they come and come to terms with coping with death and loss. At the end of the course, you may choose to re-visit a particular exercise when you feel sad and you will have the workbook to refer to at those times.

How practical is this course?

Verrrryyyy. You will get hands-on activities that you can implement immediately. Plus, the course will be experiential and interactive. Coping with death and loss can be challenging, So come ready to participate! 

Is there one on one counselling attached to this course?

No. This is a group course. To discuss one on one therapy, please make schedule a conversation here. Consultation In our conversation we will discuss your life goals, how you are coping with death and loss now, and where you want to get to. We will decide if I am the best person for you and/or I will refer you to counsellors who best fit your personality and your needs. There is no cost for this booking. It is absolutely free. Let’s talk. Consultation

Is there an age limit for doing this course?

😆. Definitely not. We all go through grief. From the youngest to the oldest. Hmmmm….. there maybe a mental age limit … You must be unafraid to grow

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