Koffee, the young Jamaican singer, says “Blessing fall by my right hand” and goes on to enunciate some of her struggles while acknowledging that she could not have overcome without, di friends weh tek off heavy load” in other words, the persons who sustained her, helped her through the boredom, the dark times-the challenge.

Like Koffee, we all go through times of confusion, of questioning our circumstances and sometimes, even our own existence. There are times when we feel so down and out that we think that the world would be better off without us.


I assure you that you have brought a smile to at least one person…. And I can bet that you have touched many lives with your generosity even when you were not aware of it.

The fact is, that we are always being watched. Someone saw when you were beaten down. They saw when you struggled to sit up, then to stand, then to walk and one day you will run. Your movement empowered them.

We see the STRENGTH you don’t think you have

 Someone saw when you were “cussed out” at work. They watched you handle the situation with dignity and they knew, they too could go through another day.

 That gentle smile, that look that you thought nothing of, that encouraging word that you did not even know that you said.




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