As I look back on this year, I realize that I’ve hit several of my goals almost without thinking about them. 

Each year around the time of my birthday, I sit and look at what I’ve achieved for the year and plan my year forward. Another way of saying this is, each year I make a decision about who I want to be and what that person wants to accomplish.

For example, I paint. This is just a hobby I do in my spare time, but I had received so many complements on my art and questions about why I’m not selling that I thought, – why not?

And then I decided to think of myself as an artist. But I wondered, were people just telling me my art was good to make me feel good? I didn’t think I’m that good. After all, I’m not trained.

So as I reflect, here the three easy steps that helped me achieve my goals without effort! 

Step 1: Make the decision.

I decided to do at least one painting each month.

It can be tough to stick to good intentions sometimes. It’s easier to talk about doing something than actually doing it, right? But I really wanted to get into the habit of painting.

A painting is not completed in a day. So how much time was I willing to spend on this? I decided that on Saturday and Sunday I would give myself two hours of uninterrupted time to focus on painting.

Next, I had to figure out why this was important to me. It wasn’t about pleasing anyone else; it was about fulfilling a longing in my soul.

Step 2 – Identify why this is important for you

not for friends, relatives, boss, society… and if the goal is because people are bullying or teasing you… Sorry, that’s not a good enough reason. That just makes you feel guilty.

What is that need that is crying out? How can you transform that to get at the subconscious longing in your soul? For example, can you change the thought, ‘I need to lose weight’ into ‘I am creating a sexy body!’ Do you feel the difference in the energy of those two statements?

Create statements that give you energy 

In truth, in the beginning it may be easy to practice the habit because it’s new and you are excited and motivated. But it is that underlying reason that will keep you going when the it gets boring or too hard and you want to give up.

So remind yourself…. I’m doing this because… I paint because it brings joy to my soul, because each painting surprises me, because I see myself as an artist therefore I need to improve my craft.

Step 3 – Create a reminder 

Remind yourself of your why… Remind yourself of your time commitment – set an alarm on your phone, put it in your dairy or in your calendar. Make it a date with yourself.

Remind yourself not only of your date but also that You Are Important enough. You Are Worthy of your own time. After all, you tend to honor the time commitments that you make for family, work, friends. Aren’t you just as valuable to yourself as those others?

Know yourself! Be aware of the excuses that you come up with that stop you from doing the activity. For example, you want to lose weight so you decide to walk two miles each day but the voices in your head say, ‘it is cold or raining or my feet hurt.’ Despite this, the motivating picture of your new sexy body is what will keep you going.

So when I get invited to the beach or party, and I choose to skip a Saturday, I make it up to myself by getting home early and spending time with my art during the week because I am a phenomenal artist!

Step 4 – Action

And Finally, take action and make your new habit a part of your daily routine. A routine is a conscious thought/action repeated over time. Habits take time to form. Continuous repetition is what changes a routine into a habit where it is no longer hard work or requires effort.

Whether it’s painting for an hour each day or going for a run every morning, consistency is key. Before you know it, your new habit will become second nature and you will be amazing!

What new habit do you want to create for yourself?

         A sexy body,

                                     a healthy diet

                                                                            a calm persona?


So, what are you waiting for? Start creating those new habits today!


So, I’ve been painting like crazy and have created over 20 pieces. I realized in July that I had way too many to keep in my home and office, so I decided to sell them. And guess what? I’ve already sold 7! Can you believe it?

I’m starting to feel like a real artist now.

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