How do you move from being heartbroken and feeling used and abused to relaxing into knowing that you are special and have the right to say NO? 

Give me 3 days and I’ll show you how to let go of the fear and feel peaceful, calm, comfortable, confident knowing that you are respected, valued and beautiful without having to sell an arm and a leg or go to counseling for years on end.

Freedom through Forgiveness delivers what you need to feel Lighter and Free or you don’t pay a single penny. The value within can be used not once but multiple times.

Dr. Sandra Hamilton

Has been hosting local and International transformational retreats in person and online for over a decade.

The Freedom Through Forgiveness retreat will focus on freeing you from some of the emotional and mental stress that you currently carrying.

As you struggle with issues of family and relationships, you end up feeling depressed and quite often questioning yourself, wondering where you went wrong.

The Freedom through Forgiveness will help you work through those issues and provide you with peace of mind, answer the questions circling in your mind.

We will also give you some stress relief tools that you can use at any time. 

WHAT WILL YOU get from our freedom through forgiveness retreat?

Refuge for Healing

The Confidence Builder Retreats are a refuge for healing and restoration. They are transformational for the spirit, mind and body.

Strength & Confidence

At Confidence Builder Retreats we are here to serve you, to keep you safe, to help you open up and discover your innate beauty, strength and confidence.

Reminder of Who You Are

My mission is to keep you grounded and to remind you that you are made of gold!

You will come in hurt and stressed but leave feeling calm, confident, resilient and empowered.

Are you being treated like the enemy? Is there violence in your home? Have you been told that you are a loser and won’t amount to much? If so, the Freedom Through Forgiveness is for you!

Your investment for Freedom Through Forgiveness retreat is USD $100!

 Women who have been abused or are grieving hire me to give them freedom from memory fragments, rebuild their sense of trust and take back their personal power because they are afraid, give up easily and lack boundaries so I help them heal, forgive themselves and become empowered.

Chief Confidence Builder


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