Fundamentals of

Project Management Core Skills

Become a better Leader, Manager and team member,
make change and deliver value more easily!

• Gain project management knowledge and skills 

Learn to lead and manage a project
• Lead a project with confidence
• Apply risk assessment techniques
• Complete an entire project

Online modality

  Hello, I am Dr. Sandra Hamilton

I have been doing international projects since 1996. I’ve done projects sponsored by the World Bank, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), USAID, Mount St Vincent University and many others.

This course, Fundamentals of Project Management will give you the skills needed to conceptualize, plan, execute, complete and deliver a project. 

I am releasing my latest creation and you are the first to know about it!
Fundamentals of Project Management is THE ONLY system that holds your hand and walks with you through the twists, turns and traps involved with running a project so that  you walk away knowing you have the technical as well as the psychological skills to manage a project.  

You Get:

  • A Practical – Hands On course 
  • Activities that you can implement immediately
  • A deep inner look at who you are and how it affects team work
  • A course mapped on PMI standards
  • The skills to successfully implement a project
  • A completed project that you can be proud of!

Here is why I am doing this:
So many of you see a problem/issue/challenge in your community and just know that you have the solution. But… you are scared to step out of your comfort zone and give it a try because you are not trained, or you’re afraid to fail, or what will people say? 

This course is designed for those who want to change the world but don’t know how. Or maybe, just to change an element in your own personal world – a kitchen, a bathroom but are afraid of being laughed at, or/and put down. 

We provide a space where it is safe for you to learn, to laugh at your mistakes, to ask for help; To get the emotional support needed to step up tp the challenge.

We hold your hand and celebrate with you as you complete your dream project.


Introducing Fundamentals of Project Management




Module 1 - Project Management Framework

Module 2 - How to Manage the Humans and Ghouls on the Project

Module 3 - Scheduling the Project

Module 4 - Execution and Handover of Project

This All Sounds Great But…

How does this course help me to do a project?

This is a hands on class. You will be coached around the mindset needed to not just complete a project, but to exceed your own expectations.

Thinking of a project, deciding if it is viable, identifying stakeholders, completing risk analysis and mitigation, creating your team, budgeting and executing are all included in the course. 

In addition, Dr Hamilton will hold your hand and support you (and calm you) while you complete your project.


How practical is this course?

Verrrryyyy. You will get hands on activities that you can implement immediately. Plus, the course will be experiential and interactive. So come ready to participate!

Is there one on one teaching attached to this course?

No. This is a group course. It is deliver Live on the Zoom platform

Is there an age limit for doing this course?

😆. Definitely not. We are doing projects all the time. The younger you know the correct steps in the project the more expertise you will gain. 

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