My meditation is easy, complete, and enjoyable. I use meditation to bring focus to my goals and plans. When I focus, I am able to see what I really want from my life. I take that vision and make it a reality through my actions. In doing this for myself, I see how to offer this joy to others.

Warm nights are great for meditating as are my early morning walks. I feel completely comfortable during these times. Alone, but not lonely. At one with my thoughts.

The noises of night creatures blend with my thoughts to create a beautiful symphony as I reflect on what I have achieved this day. Where do I go next? What is that niggling feeling, that annoyance that I have taken home from the work day? As I examine these thoughts and feelings, I allow the negative charges to drop away, and the warm balmy evening relaxes me.

In the morning as I walk, I listen to the birds begin their day. I feel as the sun rises. Sometimes I am walking into the sunrise and I enjoy the beauty of seeing the pinprick of light blossom into a golden globe that then seems to flatten out as the light expands across the horizon.

This reflects to me my life. How does my life, just a dot in the larger scheme of things, bless those who see me with beauty?

Today, how can you use the warmth of the summer to bring peace and joy to your mind and heart and then radiate that out to others?


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