How would your life change
if you dared to love yourself? How would you feel if you knew
deep down inside that
you were beautiful. If you could stop feeling like a fraud, a fake, a hypocrite
and truly feel strong from the inside out. Feel strong, feel loved. Really
truly strong and loved for yourself
just for YOU.



What would it mean to
feel whole and safe, not having to wear that public mask of perfection?

As a woman, mother,
professional, wife, people often look on and think we have it together, that
our world is perfect. We put on our happy face and manage everything and
everyone, but. On the inside we are unravelling, slowly going crazy. Deep down
inside we are restless, something feels wrong, missing. But we don
t know what it is (nor
want anyone else to know that we feel damaged and alone). We constantly compare
ourselves and are compared to others
and we dont measure up. We don’t feel good enough.


Ive been there where everyone thought my world was perfect. Telling me how lucky I was, how I was born with a gold spoon in my mouth. But no one knew how I was feeling inside. They said I had “everything and I felt ……. nothing. 

If this resonates with you, can I invite you to spend a few days with me at the

Retreat on February 13 -14, 2018


This is the time to release all of that. You already know the value of self-development. You listen to inspirational talks and videos, post positive, uplifting comments on your walls.

NOW step up and treat yourself right. Spend a day and night loving just you. Be selfish for a change and focus on loving you. Yes – you. Not your mother, partner, job, children. Just you. Life gets busy. Take a break on Valentines day/Ash Wednesday and spend time in quiet, beautiful contemplation of loving yourself.


We will spend time loving laughing and healing while we examine our self-talk, our self-worth, our mental and emotional pictures. And we will speak our truth, rewrite our stories, give ourselves permission to really feel. Create a mercy line as we heal.


This Valentines you will receive the gift of pure true love from the best person on earth: Yourself.

Love Yourself retreat is a safe, confidential space for you to:


Learn to be gentle with your self

Let go of perfectionism

Acknowledge your past


Let your hair down as we explore the unique world we share.

Retreat includes:

Accommodation at the historic Tan Y Bryn
Farm fresh Meals
Experiential workshops
Being serenaded under the stars
Rapid Transformational Therapy

Qui gong
Stepping up your confidence quotient
Beautiful garden setting
Surprise bonuses!!

When we truly love ourselves, we:
• Find it much easier to accept and receive love from others.
• Don’t need to seek external validation from others (which improves your relationships massively!)
• Stop judging others and love much more.
• Can create the life we hope for because we believe we’re acceptable and deserving.
Who is inviting you?
I am Dr. Sandra Hamilton, Rapid Transformational Therapist and Confidence Builder. I have been broken and wounded so many times by the very people who claim to love me – family and friends. I have discovered the importance of taking time away to rejuvenate and reconnoiter with self. I now offer you this opportunity to be supported through self discovery to finding the inner strength to continue.
Everyone refers to me as Dr. H and have told me that my gift is building their confidence. So now I am known as Dr. H The Confidence Builder. Over the past ten years my work has focused on helping professional women to develop self-esteem and confidence in walking their own path.


Retreat on February 13 -14, 2018

For more information and reservations

Call/WhatsApp (876)849-7067



Non-refundable deposit of $5000 by February 1, 2018

Cost: All inclusive $15,000

Pay online



Love yourself

Limited spaces available