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Dr. Sandra Hamilton

Helps YOU to Conquer Fear and Work Through the Pain of Sexual Abuse

















And mostly importantly, there is no judgement. This is a place where you, Yes You, as different, as invisible, as unique as you are… You Are Valued.


Welcome Home.                                                             

This is a container where you drop your

 and in return pull out


Connect You To Your Inner Power
Get hope to achieve results that seem impossible
Feel empowered, welcomed, relaxed and valued

Are We Right For Each Other?

Let’s get this out of the way really quickly and as painlessly as possible. Working with me to overcome sexual trauma is not for everyone. It just isn’t. And I am ok with that.


  If you are uptight and negative

   If You buy into people’s stories of limitation and scarcity

   If You like to spend your days bitching, moaning and complaining about how unfair life is

   You aren’t ready break through limiting beliefs and materialize your vision

   You are not willing to dream and envision the journey to healing

No hard feelings, I still love you but this is not the thing you are looking for.

But if you love to explore and figure things out. if you are willing to laugh at yourself as you reflect on what brought you here

   If you know that life is a beautiful magical adventure… even though you’ve hit a bump in the road or made a detour

   If you are afraid but still dare to take the risk to grow

   And you want to FINALLY Want to transform your identity, and feel safe in your own body. Alive and Free!!!

      Then let’s journey together into the world of your…

Why Should You Care Who I Am?

The simple answer is, unless you struggle with inner emptiness, feeling trapped or are afraid of unanticipated negative consequences if you speak up, you probably shouldn’t.

But if you do and you want to know why someone who used to be a Vice President in Higher Education then spent countless hours dedicating herself to finding a way to helping other women who were caught in a dilemma of:

  • being energetic and enthusiastic but also sick and in pain;
  • feeling lost and neglected
  • feeling confused
  • suffering
  • searching
  • alienated

to knowing that you can forge your own path and have the freedom you desire.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

You can figure it out

So, if you want to experience a fulfilling life where your dreams come true then you might just want to pay attention.

My name is Dr. Sandra Hamilton, Chief Confidence Builder at Dr H: The Confidence Builder

 …and I am so pleased to meet you.


Services Offered

Rapid Transformational Therapist

RTT creates bridges over the chasms of your conscious and subconscious

It inspires a deep understanding of the root of your problems, illuminates the path forward and empowers you to optimistically take the journey.

RTT provides emotional strength as you release mental and emotional blocks so that you feel stronger, lighter and free.

Your dreams of acceptance and healing your soul are possible!

Online Courses

Constantly developing courses that meet your needs for growth and transformation.

Moving you from suffocation, grief, stagnation and fear into independence

So that you can experience personal insights and open up to your phenomenal strength.

Confidence Builder courses transport you through unseen portals into memories of your past so that you can understand your journey, expand your awareness and fast forward to the place of your special truth – the one that you have been searching for…..



The Confidence Builder Retreats are a refuge for healing and restoration.

They are experiential, transformational spaces for the spirit, mind and body to illuminate the reason for your inner conflict and mirror back to you the beauty that the world sees within YOU.

A time of focused attention, give it your all and learn tips and tools to transform inner emptiness, feelings of being trapped and fear of consequences into a vision for living your life fully and out loud!

Be prepared for spontaneous bursts of creativity, aha moments and intuition that work together to heal your deepest fears.



Creating Bespoke workshops and seminars that deliver transformational changes to your staff .

The Confidence Builder Workshops are constantly evolving, dynamic bespoke leadership movements that shift perceptions and provide you with a safe space to explore your fears, accept challenges and integrate new knowledge into your current situation knowing that you have been perfectly placed in the right position to make a difference to the world.

Find your power, confidence & happiness the natural way.

I Will Hold You Safe

Dr. H: The Confidence Builder

Live A Life Filled With Joy and Good Memories even if you are in unbelievable pain right now.

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