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Life is Just for Living: Healing From Death, Trauma and Loss

Do you want to live and enjoy the rest of your life guilt free? Give me 3 weeks and I’ll show you how to release painful memories associated with the loss without having to pray, get over it, grow up, talk to your pastor or avoid your neighbours! No more feeling isolated and self conscious.


Does your loss make you feel like Sisyphus? Life is bright one day and you think, “This is it! I’m over it, I’m done”, Only to feel the darkness and loneliness come crashing down on you the next? With Life is just for living: Coping with loss, grief and death you can and WILL release painful memories associated with the loss in as little as 90 days even if have been carrying around this pain and grief for so long and doesn’t seem like it can ever move.


You get:

  • A Practical hands on course – without all the scripture passages!
  • Activities that you can implement immediately
  • Identify and release where the grief and pain resides in the body
  • Live in person sessions
  • Hand holding step by step processes to release the fear, guilt and anxiety surrounding death
  • Learn to work through your grief
  • Downloadable work books
  • Beautiful crafted journals
  • Stepping into life fully, acknowledging the pain and moving on
  • Coping with your emotions
  • Understand your own healing process
  • Understanding that grieving is a show of love
  • Learning to let go
  • Being content
  • Guilt free life

So grab your spot in Life Is Just For Living: Healing From Death, Trauma and Loss

You honestly cannot afford to miss this. Not knowing the steps to heal makes the grieving process so much harder and affects work and family relationships.

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy will find the root cause of  your issues with self esteem, confidence, depression panic attacks and so much more! 

Let it go of your problems for good and finally start seeing results.

You are beautiful. You are special. Yes YOU


When you invest in Rapid Transformational Therapy, you get instant access to your soul. The root cause of your issues become like a looking glass. Everything that you’ve been through and why you feel and behave the way you do becomes clear. You usually see results instantaneously and most definitely within a day or two.



With ©RTT you identify the root of your problem and break free of the chains of your past so that you can finally clear out your childhood issues in as little as 3 sessions even if it has always been this way…if you’ve lived a lifetime with this problem


By the end of your session, you will be so relaxed, that you’ll wonder if you were ever stressed
You will understand the subconscious reasons for your behaviour and therefore have more conscious control over the decisions and life choices that you make
You will feel Confident, Powerful and In control

Not knowing your subconscious landmines makes you continue to spin in circles and sabotage your hopes of being truly happy.

Freedom Through Forgiveness Retreat

Do you want to feel peaceful, confident and empowered knowing that you are valued, respected and beautiful?

I know you’ve been told over and over again that you are worthless, no good, and don’t deserve a good life. 

 This retreat focuses on freeing you from the emotional burden of forgiveness.  

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