• Have your staff been down, submitting lack luster performances?
  • Does your office suffer from gossiping, inefficiency, and poor customer service?
  • Do your employees exhibit a lack of self-confidence?
  • Have you observed unproductive employee behaviour or attitudes?
  • Is there an employee who has challenges with time management, is late for work, or misses deadlines?

Have you heard your staff complaining:

  • “Da wuk ya a go kill mi”
  • “Mi stress out yah, man”
  • “Stress a go kill mi!”
  • “Di people dem too bad mind!”
  • “Cho! Mi cyaan bodda yah.”


Negative employees can disrupt morale. These feelings are not only engendered on the job. Staff may also bring many of their concerns and behaviours from home to the work place. Also if the employees “bad-mouth” the company and its leadership to fellow employees and clients, the situation is exacerbated.

Dr. Sandra Hamilton: Theracoach, Motivational Speaker, Rapid Transformational Therapist, Anthropologist, Author, and Consultant, travels the globe sharing insights on organisational culture, employee engagement, leadership, and mindset.
She has been a guest on Television Jamaica (TVJ), CVM, NCU Radio, Bess FM, as well as co-host on Spirit FM in Uganda, Africa.

Dr. Hamilton’s practical experiences, case studies, creative methodologies, and her enthusiastic and passionate delivery, have proven to be a winning formula for audiences across the globe. She has had a positive influence in countries like Uganda, Italy, Fiji, Israel, India, Canada, the United States of America, and of course, Jamaica.

  •  Institute of Jamaica
  • Fiji National University
  • Missionaries of the Poor Uganda
  • KEYS, Canada
  • Special Nurses Special Interest Group
  •  Kosovo National Football Team Uganda
  • Kampala YMCA Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
  • National YMCAs of Uganda Rotary Club of Christiana             
  • Human Resource Development Consortium
  • Shortwood Teachers’ College
  • Northern Caribbean University
  • Dr. Hamilton has spoken all over the world on organisational culture, employee engagement, leadership, and mindset.
  • She believes that many of the behavioural patterns we exhibit were formed at an early age, and even though they no longer serve us, they are running in the background of our mind and unconsciously affecting our current behavior.
  • This means staff may be exhibiting negative on-the-job behavior that was formed in childhood. This may be a contributing factor to the level of unrealistic expectations, job disengagement and dissatisfaction, as well as relationship issues that affect employees.
  • Many persons are unaware of these underlying issues that lead to lack of communication and clarity, low job performance, and lack of employee engagement.
  • Dr. Hamilton works to erase the old pictures and paint vivid images of the life and work that the employees and employers desire. This involves emotional intelligence, empathy and understanding balance.

Presentation Style: Dr. Hamilton’s dynamic presentation style is fast, energetic, and full of best practice examples. Her captivating blend of storytelling, and the use of the arts, engages and involves the audience as they are an integral part of the script.

Dr. Hamilton provides:

  • High levels of empathy, deep listening, and quick thinking to effectively support her clients in navigating complex challenges. Her skills weave together the nuances of work/life balance and how it affects and impacts on-the-job behaviours.
  • An alternative perspective from which to view challenges, issues, and work related stress.
  • Paradigm shifts through examples of interdependence, community, and sharing.
  • Ideals of trust, emotion, and joy in the work place.
  • Illustrations of issues of responsibility, ethics and morality, and its effect on the bottom line.

Dr. Hamilton’s skills will weave together psychology, brain-based theories and work place culture, to transform dysfunctional cultural habits such as silo mentality and the ‘gossip mill’, into cooperation and respect.

Key take-a-ways from her presentations include:

  • Stress reduction tools
  • Communication tools
  • Confidence
  • Respect and civility
  • Improved customer relations skills
  • Improved emotional intelligence
  • One hour presentation
  • ½ day workshop
  • Full day seminar
  • Two-three day retreats

For more information on having Dr. Sandra Hamilton speak to your company, school or conference, please contact DrSandraRHamilton@gmail.com or telephone (876) 849-7067.