Dr. Sandra Hamilton is Amazing!! She is gifted in so many wonderful ways.  She’s gracious, insightful, kind, knowledgeable and very wise.  When I speak with her, I feel calm and safe.  She was able to help me in very meaningful ways, and the results are lasting!  That’s the best part!  Her insight helped me to understand what happened to me, how I had come to believe what I believed, and let go of the things that have interfered with the enjoyment of my life today.  I cannot recommend her enough - her confidence gave me the confidence to go forward with my life and my dreams.  If you are ready to release the past and heal, she’s the one you’re looking for. - Taylor  

Dear Dr. Hamilton, your genuine words always calm the disgruntled spirit. Your gentle touch sends a powerful message that no matter the circumstances there is always hope

Sandra is a gifted therapist. After our session together, I had a remarkable reduction in a problematic symptom. Christine Crowley - Occupational Therapist/Rapid Transformational Therapist at Healing Way Center and Self-Employed

Sandra is an insightful, natural healer. In our Rapid Transformational Therapy session she helped me get rid of my trauma and health related problems.  - Claudine

I have fabulous news my health is restored and I am healed. I would like our communication to keep on. I am grateful I have known you and I want us to keep talking through Skype. I am happy to have cooperated with you and if you ever chose Greece as your destination you are most welcome! God bless! Many thanks! You are a great therapist but I am happy to say that I don t need therapy no more! I finally found myself!

Dr Hamilton is a true and genuine therapist to help you get over a great number of health issues. I trust in her and recommend as a doctor who really cares and knows to get problems fixed. She really helped me and she can help everybody. I put my hands in fire for her that means in Greek that I trust her utterly and in every way. Thank you Dr Hamilton! - Panagiotis  

Dr H wants the best for everyone and she will stop at nothing to see you achieve success. She sees the best in each person and works hard to help you achieve your highest potential. She is always encouraging and motivating you even after the sessions are through. Ann

A Special Gift From God

Dr H is a gift sent from God for hurting, abused, depressed women, men and children. With the gift to unlock memories that have scarred the individual and the ability to help remove that memory changing the inner most thoughts of the person to help them to heal. She holds you safe, allowing you to go through the process and be transformed into the beautiful you that you ought to be.


In 2012 I emailed you this.
Sometimes we are fortunate enough to cross paths with very special people who touch your life positively. I was fortunate enough to have met you and you positively touched my life.
7 yrs later I still feel the same way. Thank you for everything. The students says I’m to give you nuff love from them.